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PDF Converter Enterprise 8, Licenced Users (5-25)

PDF Converter Enterprise 8, Licenced Users (5-25)
Please use a valid quantity. This product has a minimum license order quantity of 5 and a maximum of 25.

PDF Converter Enterprise 8 is smart yet simple-to-use software that lets business users improve the way they create, convert, securely share PDF files and collaborate.

Replace Adobe® Acrobat® with a complete PDF solution

PDF Converter Enterprise 8 is the smarter value in PDF software. It offers an impressive array of features specifically designed to make you more productive with PDF in every capacity. You get all the PDF tools necessary to annotate, mark up, secure and compress PDF plus additional features only available from Nuance for document conversion, search, connectivity and more.

Create PDF files from any PC application that can print

Instantly create 100% industry standard PDF files with security options that are fully compliant and compatible with all PDF viewers. You can even add bookmarks and transfer hyperlinks when creating PDF documents from Microsoft® Word, Excel® and PowerPoint®.

Take advantage of powerful word processing capabilities – in your PDF

Advanced editing functionality converts PDF files into fluid and dynamic PDF documents complete with full word processing capabilities – all at the click of a button. You gain more editing control and can update PDF documents quicker than ever before.

Don’t retype your documents

If you must work with PDF documents in other applications, don’t waste valuable time recreating them – convert them. Complex layouts with columns, tables and graphics are faithfully reproduced in Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint® and Corel® WordPerfect® documents. You also get exceptional spreadsheet control and features to allow you to combine all pages of a PDF document into a single Excel worksheet to eliminate tedious cutting and pasting. You can even select, copy and convert only the selected areas of text you need from a PDF document.

Combine and assemble documents with ease

Combine files and remove or replace pages with drag and drop ease. View and select pages from a source document — such as Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Corel® WordPerfect®, JPG, BMP or, TIF or XPS — to insert into a target document. Just drag and drop the pages add them into the PDF file.

Turn paper into PDF more productively

Create PDF files directly from your scanner with time-saving one-click scanning to PDF. Scan to standard image, searchable, or editable PDF formats. Scan and highlight, cross-out or underline— all in a single step. You can even set up and manage central network scan inboxes that also connect to eCopy ShareScan®.

Produce more professional-looking documents

Deliver documents that look as good in print as they do on screen — no matter where you send or view them. Combine any type of file and/or folder into striking PDF Portfolios — with attractive cover pages that guide your audience — that can be viewed with any popular PDF reader. You can even add pictures, graphics, movies, audio or 3D drawings to PDF documents to communicate your message with attention-grabbing style.

Connect your documents to the Cloud

Now you can save and access your stored documents in the Cloud by connecting directly to PaperPort® Anywhere, Box, Google Docs™, Windows Live® SkyDrive®, Office 365, Evernote® and Dropbox. This gives you access to your documents anytime, anywhere through the web or by the applications of supported mobile devices.

Speak your notes

Use integrated Dragon Notes to easily speak and see your text created as notes within your PDF without typing – it’s fast, accurate, saves time and increases productivity.

Collect information from forms

Don’t let the hassle of filling out long forms slow your business down. FormTyper™ automatically converts non-fillable forms into fillable PDF forms that you can complete, save and email. Create forms from scratch using easy to use form drawing tools. Export information in filled in forms so you can sort, search and analyse the data using popular database and spreadsheet file types such as XFDF, XML, TXT and CSV files.

Ensure PDF/A compliance

Take advantage of a simplified way to meet PDF/A compliance requirements. Users are notified if a PDF/A file does not meet compliance requirement, so they can fix them on the fly – further saving time and making sure the files are in full compliance. The PDF/A Compliance Checker can analyse PDF files for PDF/A-1a, -1b, -2a, -2b, and PDF/A-2u compliance.

Save documents directly to document management systems

Users can save PDFs to the most popular document management systems (DMS) now easier than ever by accessing them directly from the Save As menu, from the Portfolio mode or from Internet Explorer. Simplifying this process saves users time while providing them with faster, easier access to the DMS solutions they are already working with.

Perform smarter searches

Get accurate conversion to searchable PDF files. Search everything in a document — even the contents of bookmarks and comments — so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Use the intelligent Looks Like Search™ capability to quickly find content, like phone numbers, email addresses and credit card numbers, via an alphanumeric pattern rather than exact text. Automatically highlight, cross out or underline search results for faster, easier PDF editing.

Enhance document security

Add passwords with secure 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption and permission controls to PDF files to control document viewing, printing and modifications. Use the advanced redaction capabilities and automatically inspect documents and remove sensitive data for safe, secure document sharing. Authenticate document owners using self-signing, Microsoft® Crypto or third-party digital signatures. Or flatten everything in a document, including signatures, stamps, mark-ups, annotations, filled form fields and graphics for enhanced document security. This feature is especially useful for limiting document modification during archiving or e-filing.

Advanced Edit

PDF Converter Enterprise offers a new Advanced Edit tab that converts and displays your document as a fully editable document. This allows much faster and more fluid editing without having to move to a word processor.

Connect to your documents in the Cloud

New connectors allow files to be opened from popular cloud services, such as Box, Google Docs™, Windows Live® SkyDrive®, Office 365, Evernote® and Dropbox. Modified results can be returned to these sites. It is also possible to print PDF files to the PaperPort desktop application from the PDF Create printer and from the PDF Create Assistant.

PDF/A Compliance Checker

PDF/A compliance verification is now easier than ever by submitting any PDF file through the Compliance Checker. If PDF fails compliance, report of issues and process to resolve is available at the click of a button.

Document Management support

Integrated with the most popular document management systems so that the users can seamlessly work with their documents within a streamlined process. New access to DMS systems can be accessed from the Save As menu, within Internet Explorer and from within Portfolios. New DMS support includes Documentum and Xerox DocuShare.

Digital Rights Management

Support for Digital Rights Management through integration with FileOpen®. Prevents copying, saving, printing, searching etc. of PDF files that have this security enabled. FileOpen controls and protects PDF content via a security handler that is now supported within PDF Converter Enterprise 8.

Enhanced stamp creation

Create signature and custom stamps in addition to the supplied set by right-clicking on a selected area. Stamps can now be applied to all pages of a document in one move.

Collect information from forms

Export data from single forms to additional file types, such as XFDF, XML and TXT. Users can also export data from multiple forms with the same data field sets to XML and CSV files that can be opened by Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheet programs.

Create smaller PDF files

Reduce the file size of existing PDF documents easier than ever before with the new Reduce File Size feature. Also available is the option to reduce the size of multiple files at once in batch mode.

Speak notes without typing using Dragon Notes

Create notes quickly and accurately in PDF files by speaking them instead of using the keyboard. It’s much faster than typing and easy to do using any standard microphone and the included Dragon Notes tool.

Preview PDF email attachments in Microsoft Outlook

Get an instant visual preview of PDF email attachments without having to open them.

Additional PDF creation workflow options when working with MS Office

Ability to print to the PDF printer from a Microsoft Office application so the file opens in PDF Converter Enterprise without having to save it locally. Further files can be printed with the ability to append more pages to different locations within the document.

Restricted folder access

Create a more controlled business process by giving access to certain folders by authorised people only using PDF Converter Enterprise 8

Fax via email

Direct PDF files via email to a fax machine using a predefined Microsoft Outlook address.

Microsoft Application Virtualization Support

Provides users network access to applications without local install. Support for Microsoft App-V broadens the connectivity by supporting this type of enterprise environment.

PDF Converter Enterprise 8, Licenced Users (5-25)
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PDF Converter Enterprise 8, Licenced Users (5-25)

PDF Converter Enterprise 8 is smart yet simple-to-use software that lets business users improve the way they create, convert, securely share PDF files and collaborate.

Please use a valid quantity. This product has a minimum license order quantity of 5 and a maximum of 25.

OmniPage Ultimate, Licenced Users (5-25)

OmniPage Ultimate, Licenced Users (5-25)
Please use a valid quantity. This product has a minimum license order quantity of 5 and a maximum of 25.

OmniPage Ultimate converts paper, PDF files and forms into documents you can automatically send to others, edit on your PC or archive in a document repository.

Superior OCR accuracy
Improved OCR engines deliver amazing accuracy for document conversion and archiving business critical documents.

Maintain perfect formatting
Converted documents look exactly like the original and are easier to edit than ever before, complete with columns, tables, bullets and graphics.

Mobile document capture
Capture text with a digital camera or iPhone®. Quickly convert your pictures to text documents with Nuance’s most accurate 3D Correction technology available.

Works with any scanner
If your device can scan then it can work with OmniPage. Mobile scanners, desktop scanners, All-in-one and Multi-function printers all work more productively and with better accuracy using OmniPage

Supports all your favorite applications
Supports the widest range of output formats including PDF, HTML, Corel® WordPerfect®, Microsoft® Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® (pptx) plus many more formats.

Convert documents in the cloud
Convert documents stored in Windows Live SkyDrive, GoogleDocs, Evernote, Dropbox, and many more. Includes the Nuance Cloud Connector powered by Gladinet

Batch processing, amazing value
Schedule large volumes of files for batch processing from folders or email with unattended automation for real time processing of documents.

Complete forms processing
Convert paper forms to fillable and distribute electronically. OmniPage can collect data from PDF or paper forms and export to a spreadsheet or database.

Built-in automatic redaction and highlight
Redact or black out confidential text or quickly locate information with highlights. OmniPage can recognize and automatically mark up your text based on a list of key words.

Recognizes over 120 languages
Process, edit and store documents from anywhere in the world. OmniPage includes the recognition of languages based on the Latin-, Greek- and Cyrillic alphabets as well as Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages.

If you are upgrading from OmniPage Professional 18, you benefit from the following innovations.

  • Improved Accuracy in Layout and Digital Camera Images
    OmniPage is the hallmark in document conversion accuracy and continues to improve with every new version. OmniPage Ultimate delivers, for example, an astounding 25% increase accuracy for digital camera images. Layout conversion also continues to improve to faithfully reproduce your documents in a variety of output formats.
  • OmniPage Launchpad
    OmniPage is all about saving you time and it just got faster, easier and more convenient. The Launchpad application opens in less than a single second. Before you even have time to react you will have the full power of OmniPage conversions at your fingertips. Now the fastest way to convert any kind of documents and send to any destination is by clicking on action buttons in the revolutionary tablet like Launchpad. How many applications give you that kind of power in so little time?
  • OmniPage ® DocuDirect™
    Document scanning and routing now supports Microsoft Server environments.
    OmniPage DocuDirect is the perfect low cost solution for occasional document scanning, conversion and document routing for small businesses or workgroups that share a scanning device. It allows you to get the most out of low volume scanning devices like some digital copiers, MFPs, and All-in-One devices that have limited document conversion and network document routing capability. OmniPage DocuDirect can be installed on a network server or shared computer that is connected to one of these devices and can automatically send converted files to a predefined single destination, multiple destinations or on-demand to anyone, anywhere using barcode workflows created with the OminPage Workflow Assistant.
  • Most productive and accurate conversion to Searchable PDF
    PDF files are everywhere and can come from a variety of sources. They can include scanned pages, embedded images, and other types of information. Some of these elements don’t include searchable text but it’s not obvious just by looking at a PDF and therein lays the problem. Using a typical OCR process on text based PDF files can unintentionally destroy text element in order to create a Searchable PDF format that is a PDF Image file with a text later.
    To solve the problem of creating Searchable PDFs from files on disk without having to inspect them we created the eDiscovery Assistant for searchable PDF in OmniPage 18. This process intelligently analyzes PDF files of all kinds and determines only those PDF files, or pages in a PDF file that require an OCR process. We have migrated this very p[productive functionality into OmniPage DocuDirect so the process can be centrally located using a watched folder on a server and handled automatically.
  • Go mobile and listen to documents with natural sounding speech
    OmniPage has been upgraded with Nuance’s most sophisticated and naturally sounding speech so that you can comfortably listen to any document being read to you through your iPhone, iPad, Android or other mobile device that support MP3 audio files.
  • Read your document on your favorite eBook reader
    OmniPage has been updated to support the popular ePub format that is compatible with popular eBook readers. Now you can quickly convert documents and take them anywhere you go to be read with eBook applications on the Apple iPad, Android Tablets, Microsoft Surface, Nook Simple Touch, Nook Tablet, Sony Reader PRS-350/PRS-650/PRS-950, Kobo eReader, Kobo Touch and Kobo Arc.
  • Create reliable document archives with enhanced PDF/A support
    OmniPage is an ideal solution for creating searchable PDF documents for long term archival using the PDF/A format. OmniPage now offers new PDF/A output options such as PDF/A-2b and PDF/A-2u to support your document archival policies.

OmniPage Ultimate, Licenced Users (5-25)
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OmniPage Ultimate, Licenced Users (5-25)

OmniPage Ultimate converts paper, PDF files and forms into documents you can automatically send to others, edit on your PC or archive in a document repository.

Please use a valid quantity. This product has a minimum license order quantity of 5 and a maximum of 25.

PDF Create 8, Licenced Users (5-25)

PDF Create 8, Licenced Users (5-25)
Please use a valid quantity. This product has a minimum license order quantity of 5 and a maximum of 25.

PDF Create 8 is the smart choice for creating secure, 100% industry standard PDF files from any PC application —with a single click— for easy file sharing, archival and storing in the cloud.


Use PDF Create 8 to make PDF files from virtually any electronic document. The resulting files are fully compatible with other PDF viewers for reading, sharing and printing.


Enjoy the convenience of one-click PDF creation within Microsoft Office applications — Microsoft Word, Excel® and PowerPoint®. You can even transfer hyperlinks, file properties such as author, title etc. and create bookmarks from these applications.


Use PDF Create Assistant to easily merge multiple files and formats, such as Microsoft Office, Corel® WordPerfect®, TIFF, JPG and more, into a single PDF file. The predefined and customised PDF Profiles provide you with simple one-click operations for all your PDF creation needs.


Why waste time opening and printing individual documents to PDF? Simply drag and drop your files into PDF Create 8 and click “Go.” You can choose to create a PDF file for each input file or combine all files into a single PDF document.


Now you can create, save and access your documents in the Cloud by connecting directly to Box, Google Docs™, Windows Live® SkyDrive®, Office 365, Evernote® and Dropbox. This gives you access to your documents anytime, anywhere through the web or by the applications of supported mobile devices.


Why send a mess of files via email when you can create and share a PDF package instead? PDF Create lets you use PDF like a folder, grouping multiple documents within a single, compact PDF file that is universally viewable and easy to email. PDF packages are the ideal way to create and share content libraries such as case files, tax information or training materials, which can be printed or searched with a single command.


Add passwords and permission controls during the PDF creation process to limit what other users can see in your documents. With PDF Create 8, you can limit the ability of others to view, copy, print or modify your content. So you can share documents with confidence that sensitive information is always protected.


Support for PDF/Archive files (the PDF/A international standard) ensures that your important documents will display and print properly for many years to come.

PDF Create 8, Licenced Users (5-25)
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PDF Create 8, Licenced Users (5-25)

PDF Create 8 is the smart choice for creating secure, 100% industry standard PDF files from any PC application —with a single click— for easy file sharing, archival and storing in the cloud.

Please use a valid quantity. This product has a minimum license order quantity of 5 and a maximum of 25.

PaperPort Enterprise 14, Licenced Users (5-25)

PaperPort Enterprise 14, Licenced Users (5-25)
Please use a valid quantity. This product has a minimum license order quantity of 5 and a maximum of 25.

PaperPort Professional 14 is the most productive way for businesses to scan organise, find, assemble and share documents and provides anytime-anywhere access to documents in the cloud.

PaperPort Professional 14 is the most productive and cost effective way for office workers or individual professionals to scan paper, create PDF organise and find and all their important documents using a Windows computer.

Millions of people - including lawyers, insurance and real estate agents, doctors, business professionals and home office customers - rely on PaperPort to eliminate paper and keep their documents and files organised.

Customers use PaperPort Professional to:

  • Organise their business critical documents including application files, PDF documents and photos
  • Access important documents wherever they go using any Web capable computers or mobile devices
  • Scan paper documents or capture any image using a digital camera, so they are never lost and can be more easily retrieved
  • Automatically route scanned documents from network MFP devices to individual desktops
  • Create industry standard PDF files from application files so they can be easily shared
  • View PDF files quickly and annotate them with comments and stamps
  • Combine scanned documents and existing digital documents in one cohesive PDF file
  • Quickly move or scan files to and from individual desktops to shared document repositories such as network servers, Microsoft® SharePoint® and many different cloud storage services

Document management your way
PaperPort provides a single way to scan paper, create PDF files and access, view, edit and convert your files on your PC.

Reduce waste, conserve energy
PaperPort is a green solution. Use it to scan, convert organise, repurpose and share PDF documents across the enterprise. End your reliance on printing, faxing and mailing practices that have harmful effects on the environment -and your bottom line.

Create and combine PDF Files
Use PDF Create to easily turn any application file into 100% industry standard PDF files or merge multiple files and formats into a single PDF file.

View, edit and share PDFs faster
Includes a powerful PDF Viewer with more features than the free Adobe® Reader®, so you can view, edit and share PDF documents on your PC like never before.

Protect sensitive documents
Safeguard confidential information and ensure compliance with government regulations regarding document security. PaperPort’s advanced PDF security features, like PDF passwords and encryption, let you control who can access specific documents and who can make changes.

Fill out forms quickly, neatly
PaperPort’s FormTyper feature accurately and automatically converts scanned paper forms into professional looking electronic forms you can fill out online, save as PDF documents and send via email. It automatically recognises check boxes and lets you control detailed form attributes. And transparent stamps are ideal for adding scanned signatures.

Find information instantly
Now you can create searchable PDFs from digital files and scanned paper documents. Just enter keywords or phrases into Windows® or Google® Desktop Search and quickly locate a specific file.

Works with your scanner
Any all-in-one printer, mobile scanner or desktop scanner will work easier and better using PaperPort.

Capture information on the go
No scanner nearby? No problem. Just take a picture of the document with your digital camera and upload it to your favourite cloud service. Plus, you can easily convert pictures of documents to usable text.

Easily route documents from digital copiers and MFPs
Get the most out of your investment in networked multifunction printers/ copiers. Move mountains of paper to any desktop PC using PaperPort’s advanced DesktopDelivery feature.

Convert paper into text
Turn your scanned document images into editable text for popular word processing or spreadsheet software with a simple drag-and-drop.

Manage documents across the network
Send and receive documents to and from a shared network folder or Microsoft SharePoint.

Superior access to PaperPort and Microsoft Windows features
Performing key file and folder tasks is fast and easy in PaperPort. Simply right click on any file to get access to features that allow you to create, convert, edit and manage everything on your computer including add ins to Microsoft Windows such as ZIP file compression/decompression.

  • The Nuance Cloud Connector application: Now you can gain access to a number of cloud services, including Windows Live SkyDrive, Google Docs, and many more. Plus, files are accessed in the PaperPort folder directory, so you can scan, stack or unstack PDF files and create PDF files which are automatically uploaded in the cloud.
  • Evernote “Send To” Connector: Drag and drop files to the Evernote Send To Connector, create a new note or add the document to an existing note. You can also right click on the Evernote connector and get files attached to any note so they are copied to the PaperPort desktop.
  • Enhanced network folder support: PaperPort Professional 14 now takes advantage of fast, reliable thumbnail viewing of documents stored on shared network folders. Additionally, PaperPort Professional 14 locks files in use over the network to prevent problems that may occur when more than one person tries to view or modify the same file.
  • Windows file and folder options available directly from PaperPort: In PaperPort Professional 14, the Windows Context menu is supported by right clicking on any file, so you can access Windows or other software and perform key tasks, including compressing and uncompressing ZIP files.
  • Scanning improvements: We’ve enhanced PaperPort’s scanning capabilities in PaperPort Professional 14, so scanned colour documents using PDF-MRC compression are now up to 62% smaller than with earlier MRC technology. Other time saving highlights include scan and open a document with one press of a button, create and save default custom file names and create PDF/A directly from your scanner.
  • New workspace options for greater productivity: With PaperPort Professional 14, there’s no need to remember where you put a recently scanned or opened file. New buttons have been added for “recently scanned” and “recently opened” documents, so you can quickly jump back to a folder that contains a recently scanned or opened document.
  • Scanning improvements: Folder notes for all incoming PDF files: You can right click on any folder in the folder directory and get an option to add notes directly to that particular folder. Now these notes can be applied to PDF files that are added into such folder by moving, copying or drag-and-dropping. This enhancement is useful for applying information to PDF documents that are common to all files in a particular folder, such as contact information (e.g., name, address, telephone number); project or customer IDs; or numbers, reminders, document descriptions and more.
  • Improved desktop thumbnails for PDF: In PaperPort Professional 14 the PDF document thumbnails offer more information about PDF documents to save you time and focus on more important tasks. A large information icon now appears in the upper left hand corner of PDF document thumbnails, indicating the file contains keywords and descriptive text. Hover over the icon and it will display the information so you don’t have to open the file.
  • Support for Windows 7 Jump list: Now you can use the Jump list for PaperPort Professional 14 in Windows 7 to scan documents or access recently opened or scanned files instantly without having to open PaperPort first. These help you work faster and easier.
  • New Scanner Enhancement Tools (SET): The Scanner Enhancement Tools help you create perfect scans right from the start or fix any scanning imperfections manually. New tools to clean edges of scanned documents include punch-hole removal, auto-cropping and border cleaning. The new despeckle feature helps you clean black and white - especially halftone - images from black dots for better image quality and OCR results.
  • Support for favourite web page bookmarks: Now you can select from any of your stored favourite web page links using PaperPort 14 and open within your browser application. PaperPort 14 presents you with the list of the saved bookmarks of your Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome browsers so you start browsing from PaperPort.
  • PaperPort Enterprise 14, Licenced Users (5-25)
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    PaperPort Enterprise 14, Licenced Users (5-25)

    PaperPort Professional 14 is the most productive way for businesses to scan organise, find, assemble and share documents and provides anytime-anywhere access to documents in the cloud.

    Please use a valid quantity. This product has a minimum license order quantity of 5 and a maximum of 25.